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Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?



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when people ask how I’m doing


Side project at work. A visual mashup of Marvel’s Howard the Duck and Donald Duck off the cover of the Disney comic book he debuted in (In comic form).

The cover, for reference.

Also if you like this design, you can do me the hugest favour in the world and vote for it over at Qwertee so it can be printed on a shirt!

Amazing tribute by cens! RIP Robin!

Can I just live here already?

@kidkoala all day. via Instagram

#PBR is served in Glass jars at Bar I. If that isn’t the most #Hipster shit, I don’t know what is. via Instagram

#Canadian streets have never felt safer! via Instagram

When the server asks how my food is tasting. via Instagram

@nick3060 making #Grinders like it’s his job or something. via Instagram

Local #Yarn art by Sarah Neville. #Winnipeg via Instagram

Just #Canadian things. #Poutine via Instagram

#SailorMoon with the #LifeAdvice. via Instagram

Bike ride selfies because #Snapchat. via Instagram