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Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

P.O.S. - Fuck Your Stuff

When Life Gives You Lemons… @Atmosphere

Brother Ali - Take Me Home

Grieves - Out of My Mind

Scroobius Pip ft. POS & Sage Francis - Let Em Come

Atmosphere - Shoulda Known Better



De La Souls - P.O.S 

I’ve tried to walk the right side of the tracks but I’ve hopped a couple trains, mom would cry if she knew the haps

But I can stand who I am, and face the days straight, knowing not a thing can change what I’ll be singin’

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Grieves - Bloody Poetry

P.O.S. - De La Souls

Doomtree - Game Over

" Now I’m content with the mastery of words. Realize the importance is just being heard. "

- Murs

I’ve never heard a track ft. Marty James that wasn’t absolutely amazing.